Ever passionate about everything to do with communication, advertising, illustration and technology, I acquired the basics of drawing and perspective at high school. My approach to computer graphics and the web has been gradual and marked by episodes that have led me to learn even more about the various aspects of visual communication.

A theoretical examination of psychology and psychoanalysis of the visual arts while studying modern literature at the University of Milan has given me a strong awareness of the cognitive process that is the basis of visual perception. At the same time, my attraction towards new technologies has motivated me in the systematic study of new media technology, giving me extensive and up-to-date knowledge for a pragmatic approach to the production of commercial catalogues, brochures and technical documents.

In 1996 I acquired my first Mac and started working freelance with companies in the Varese and upper Milan area for the production of advertising and technical documentation. In 1998 I began, what was to end up being, a long term collaboration with a major security equipment distributor for which I take care of every aspect of corporate communications.

In the meantime, I have continued to study and experiment in both the development of websites (with the publication of several) and the use of alternative and innovative programs, such as 3D Studio Max (2004).

And then came photography, at first just commercial and then broadening to portrait and landscape photography. The study of and experimentation with traditional photographic techniques has naturally merged with my knowledge of computer graphics and I am now able to manage and coordinate a wide range of products related to image and corporate communication, both on paper and for the web, having had first hand experience of all the various phases and techniques.

More recently, I have been focusing on Internet marketing activities and especially the best way to properly index websites, as well as the creation and management of Google Adwords campaigns.

Regarding the development of Internet websites, I use 2 different modular solutions, one for the development of blogs and the other for e-commerce solutions, both using CMS.


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