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  • 1 - Photography

    Events, weddings, special occasions, industry, street, portrait, landscape, animals.

  • 2 - Graphic Design

    Stylish graphic design for your catalogues, brochures, leaflets, etc.

  • 3 - Web Design

    Dynamic and responsive websites, e-commerce solutions and related web services.

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Icon design

I have been asked to design a simple and effective icon for a free App soon available on the Apple Store.

This application will allow users to remotely control the main features of an alarm control panel by sending simple coded SMSs through smartphones and tablets. The application links each main feature command to a coded SMS so that the user doesn't have to actually write an SMS to give a command, but just pushes a virtual button.

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Internet: did you know .... ?

siti internet

We often hear about cheap DIY websites, from recurring radio, web and TV advertisements. Did you know that 70% of the quotation requests we receive are from professionals and small companies that have lost money and precious time with inadequate solutions?

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